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How the Prison Program Began

In 1999, a client of Maureen’s asked her to visit her two brothers, who were serving life sentences for murder in a Massachusetts Maximum Security Prison. Their desire was to discover freedom behind prison walls. This profound visit prompted Maureen Whitehouse to begin facilitating weekly transformational meetings at the Suffolk County House of Corrections in Boston.

Transformational Life Programs in Prisons

Currently our Prison Program is sponsoring the distribution of videotapes and other transformational coaching materials to prisoners throughout the country.

If you are interested in either donating financially to the project, sponsoring a facility or in receiving more information about bringing the materials to a facility near you contact us today.


The recidivism rate for prisoners across the nation is approximately eighty percent. This rate drops to about twenty percent when prisoners attend any type of educational program. Our experience has been that the recidivism rate is even lower when prisoners attend transformational and spiritual programs such as ours.

Unconditional Support

Axiom is committed to supporting prisoners throughout the country by providing materials to them at no charge. Your support in this is welcome. Please Contact Us to find out how.