About Axiom

What if everything you thought was true isn’t, and everything you wished was true really is?
Find truth and live it now.

Axiom Inc. is the online forum for author, international lecturer and spiritual teacher Maureen Whitehouse’s seminal work. Maureen became awakened to the greater human potential through a profound transformational experience in 1996, in which she realized that the vast majority of humankind is erroneously and unnecessarily living a limited version of their best life. Essentially, they are living a lie. The truth is, we are all so much greater than we realize ourselves to be. On the heels of this revelatory experience, Maureen discovered within herself the ability to easily, efficiently and effectively guide others toward the transcendence of their limiting beliefs. It was at that time that people the world-over, entirely unsolicited, began coming to her for help and advice. As those she counseled began to awaken and live their true potential as powerful, creative, liberated individuals, Maureen was guided to reach an even broader audience of seekers. Thus Axiom was established – as a gathering space and easily accessible online forum, in which pioneering technologies are used to disseminate Maureen’s fundamental teachings. Many of her talks, retreats and published works can be found here in the form of books, e-books, videos, CDs and online audio/video programs. These numerous comprehensive resources offer specialized guidance, healing and empowerment to all people via the fundamental principle that lies at the core of Maureen’s teachings – the ETransformational Triad©. To learn more about the Triad, click HERE.  

To “Experience Axiom” is to transcend an ego-based state of consciousness. It means becoming more authentically aligned with your True Self and more at ease on every level – mentally, emotionally, vitally, physically and spiritually. If you choose to walk this enlightening path by taking part in the services here offered by Axiom Inc., you can expect to experience:

  • a general diminishment and often total release from pain
  • a newfound emotional expressiveness and open-mindedness allowing you to dismantle old prejudices and blame
  • a sharpened sensory awareness in which your mental and intellectual capabilities measurably increase
  • a greater awareness of Self, enabling you to communicate clearly, confidently and with a sense of poise
  • a sense of tangible connectedness to all things and an ever-present feeling of being supplied by Divine energy as your life reveals to you a greater intensity and purpose

Love becomes paramount.

With the help of our Axiom products and services, in the fraternity of like-minded Souls, you will become empowered to bring this glimpse of Heaven to earth by living and sharing it every day. That is Maureen’s true goal for this work: to promote consciousness and well-being in such a way that it naturally perpetuates and expands – through you! – to all corners of the planet. This work is spiritually oriented and based, however it is not focused on any particular orthodox religion. It is universally inclusive and embracing of all. It utilizes inspiration, personal reflection, meditation, intuition and prayer to develop your innate gifts of insight and healing. Whether you choose to unearth the divine in your day-to-day life through one of Maureen’s books like Soul-Full Eating: A (Delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness, or tap transcendence while traversing the globe with other Soul-seekers on our Miracle Journeys, we invite and encourage you to discover the ultimate revelation of True Transformation, like a lightning bolt from the Heavens.

If you are looking for a deeper, more connected and miraculous experience of life you’ve come to the right place.