About Maureen Whitehouse

Founder of Axiom Inc.
Transformational Speaker and Educator
Expert in Personal Development and Enlightenment

Maureen Whitehouse is an international lecturer, spiritual teacher and author. In 1996 she experienced a profound inner transformation while in the midst of her everyday life as a wife, mother and business professional. As she puts it, her eyes were immediately opened to a new way of being. This was such a revelatory and “earth shattering” experience for her, that she devoted the next few years of her life to quantifying what had happened. In the process she devoured thousands of books, traveled to sacred places around the world and met with many spiritual adepts, all the while gaining a deeper insight and understanding of not only her newfound state of liberation, but of the human condition as well.

Meanwhile, within weeks of her awakening experience, others began spontaneously seeking Maureen out for counsel. At first she was reluctant to do anything but “appreciate others” just as is, but it was via counseling these people and the exposure to their most intimate problems and pain that she realized the universal truth of what her own inner transformation had taught her. She had pierced through the veil – through the illusion of a problematic world – to be able to experience continual liberation herself and now to tangibly offer the same to others.

Maureen’s profound yet simple teachings, all gained through first-hand experience, have already helped countless people worldwide to find inner peace and greater fulfillment in their lives. Although she relishes silence in her day-to-day life, Maureen is a much sought-after public speaker who teaches and travels extensively throughout the world. Many of her talks, intensives and retreats are published in the form of mp4s and mp3s, now available in the Axiom Inc. store.

Her experience as a former international model, actress, talk show host, world traveler and Harvard educated scholar adds provocative dimension to her spiritual message.

Maureen has been called the embodiment of shining conviction and her work has been consistently described as not only life changing, but life jolting. She extends the extraordinary invitation to you to immediately end all outward searching, and to discover directly within your own heart the fathomless Truth of who you are.

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