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Authentic Artistry Creative Mastery for the Next
Generation of Awakened Artisans and Actors

Pablo Picasso said that it took him his entire life to learn to paint like a child. Each time a true artist approaches their work and expresses themselves through their craft, they experience a return to this type of innocence – to what the Buddhists call the “beginner’s mind.” They unveil, they let go, they become more authentic, more real and infinitely more honest with themselves in the process. That type of radical honesty is so transparent and rare, it is what the entire world craves and clamors to witness. People from all walks of life – from privileged to poor, working class to the elite – recognize it when they see it, or more accurately, when they feel it. It is an experience beyond compare. We willingly pay for high-priced tickets or stand in lines for hours to experience this, even if just for one timeless moment. It’s all worth it when we witness it: Truth.

You may find it while reading a page-turning novel, witnessing a superior scene in a play or movie, hearing a heart-stopping musical piece, watching a model on the runway, or beholding an exquisite sculpture, painting or transcendent work of art. Something akin to a lightning bolt touches you so deep in your core that for a moment you see “It” reflected in yourself – in the spark of your imagination, in the quickening rhythm of your heart and the stirring in your soul. Artisans and Actors, how would you like to access this Truth in yourself, not just once in a lifetime but as a normal part of your day-to-day life? How would it feel to expand and amplify that otherworldly quality in your craft by sharing it with others – your audience?

Maureen believes that your true task as an artist is to bring something to earth that has never existed before. Something that could not exist without your unique spirit, talents and perspective.

As a veteran artisan – award winning and best-selling author, long-time vested member of Screen Actors Guild and former international model for 20+ years – Maureen Whitehouse is intimately familiar with the world of creatives. In fact, she largely credits her “down and dirty” experiences in that world as the primary impetus responsible for her spiritual awakening.  The way she sees it, a lot of what superior artists emanate bears a strong resemblance to Zen Mastery.

She says, “An artisan’s path causes them to reflect deeply and often, to live with a degree of transparency and innocence that few other venues so proficiently encourage. It is a lifestyle that systematically strips away all artifice. Ultimately there can be no faking it, pushing it or copying it because creative genius is about being genuine.” Because of her strong resonance and love for the arts, Maureen has developed a very practical, applicable process to awakening creative genius that is transferable to any medium. It focuses on cultivating mastery in the practice of presence, which is the secret to capturing that awe-inspiring authenticity aspired to by every artist and human being. With the inclusion of mental focusing methods and relaxed breathing techniques, this process enables artisans and actors to dig deeper within themselves then they ever imagined possible.


Have you ever longed for a sense of inner connectedness that is unshakable and permanent – even while under pressure to perform or produce? How would you excel if you could access your creative genius spontaneously, whenever you wanted, without any mental or emotional blocks? 

In working with Maureen, you will learn how to:

  • magnetize the opportunities and “big breaks” that create and foster success
  • follow a charted path, unique to you, that feels core-satisfying and authentic
  • exude natural ease, poise and balance
  • find a sense of security and deep, inward resonance with success (on every level – including in your family and home-life)
  • develop powerful trust in yourself, allowing you to thrive and create prolifically


Workshops with Maureen Whitehouse now available specifically for artist collectives,
actors studios and model agencies:

Drop the Drama: Thriving in Your Creative Career While Maintaining Sanity in Your Personal Life
The Zen of Modeling and Commercial Acting

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Maureen has empowered creatives all over the world helping them to attain greater Self realization and success in life than they had ever dreamed possible. Her successful career as an international fashion model, actress, writer and in broadcast has spanned over 25 years. sag
vested SAG member