Maureen Whitehouse

Founder of Axiom Inc.
Transformational Speaker and Spiritual Educator
Expert in Personal Development and Enlightenment

Who is Maureen? | The Best Spiritual Leader

Maureen Whitehouse is a spiritual teacher and miracle mentor. Certainly, she is an expert on experiencing enlightenment in the midst of “normal” life, having authored best-selling books, dozens of programs, and given hundreds of international lectures on the subject. Furthermore, her thorough and simple teachings, all gained through first-hand experience, have already helped countless clients, readers and listeners worldwide to find inner peace and greater fulfillment in their lives.

How it all began… 

In 1996, while lying in bed, Maureen experienced something akin to what is often called a “near-death experience”. However, this one wasn’t brought on by a fatal accident. In other words, it was instead the crescendo of a spiritual awakeningone that was initiated by her intensive study of A Course in Miracles for the prior three years.

At that time in her life, Maureen was a wife, a mother of two and a successful commercial actress and model, doing everything she could to create the “picture-perfect” life for her family. Secondly, she felt she was failing miserably. Despite very successfully living the American dream, she felt lost and unfulfilled. But, all that changed, quite literally overnight.

What happened after the Spiritual Encounter?

It was after this awakening experience that Maureen realized she had gained the abilities of a “seer”she could see through pain. After that, within weeks, as if on queue, people began spontaneously seeking Maureen out for counsel and spiritual advises. Reluctant at first to do anything but “appreciate others” just as is, Maureen quickly realized that these people, in the midst of their most intimate problems and pain, were showing her the universal truth of what her own inner transformation had taught her: all pain is grace in the making and miracles are always at hand. Therefore, the steady stream of people seeking help from Maureen, many in their darkest hour, has continued ever since.

Maureen is set apart by the Immediate, Transformational Impact of Her Work.

Maureen has been living an awakened life for over two decades.  Secondly, she is the consummate teacher and guide on the path to awakening. Similarly, her programs and services offer core-deep epiphanies that relieve you of pain and strife immediately, and then build upon that momentum to upend self-sabotaging, emotional habits and patterns that often have a lifetime of momentum and cultural conditioning behind them.

Her teachings are realistic, frank and miraculously oriented. This means they work fast. Hence, there is no agenda, coercion or convincing involved (these would only slow down the process). Likewise, there is no problem too intense or taboo that can touch the liberating truth of her teachings. In conclusion, people seek Maureen’s counsel over all others’for instantaneous relief from their story of pain.

More than 20 years ago Maureen pierced through the illusion of a problematic world to experience continual liberation herself. Now she offers the same to you.

“I’ve been looking my whole life for a teacher who could direct me, who is entirely pure of heart.

I’ve found that in Maureen.”

Catherine Johns

Clinical Psychotherapist

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