Conscious Parenting

Conscious ParentingExperience the World of the Miraculous with Your Child

Enter the Timeless Realm, of Bringing Heaven to Earth, Together

  • You are a Miracle
  • Unconditional Loving/Living
  • Entering the Miraculous… and staying there!
  • 7 Steps to Opening your eyes to see the Invisible
  • The Art of Everyday Presence
  • Connectivity and Communication
  • Home as Sanctuary
  • Soul Support
  • School – The Real Learning
  • You are Creative!
  • Joy and Enthusiasm as Teacher
  • How to Be in this World, and not of it
  • You-niqueness!
  • Cultivating True and Lasting Friendships
  • Living Heaven Here on Earth

Listening to Maureen speak about Conscious Parenting I received a gift more precious than Gold… I learned how to enter the world of the Miraculous every day with my son. ~ Susan Dimitri

Never again experience parenting as though you are traversing dark and uncharted territory – Conscious Parenting gives you the fundamental and vital keys to living a care-free, joyous and fully-expressive life with your child.

Create with Innocence.

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