Consulting Business Programs

Consulting Business Programs

I’m thankful to Maureen for the tenfold leaps and bounds I’ve been able to experience under her guidance — a journey into feeling safe, respected and fully empowered to be me. Somehow — because of her blessing ways — I’ve found my true voice, a clear voice.

A clear voice matters in Business, especially in leadership positions. A clear voice leads little room for ambiguity. But most importantly it can motivate people as it affirms a belief in the strategic vision of a leader.

I strongly recommend Maureen’s work to anyone in business seeking to find their true voice, remedy their shortcomings, accelerate professional growth and enhance their personal life – those who would like to experience true success.

~JP Michel — Vice President at JP Morgan Chase & Co. Founder and President of Cognit Enterprises, an Insurance Business Software Company in New York

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The Goal of the Soul
Sell your Soul
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Available as Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, Workshops, Private Coaching and On-going Facilitated Training–live, or via teleconference or webinars.

A word from Maureen about the Axiom Business Programs and Managing Goal Achievement program:

As many of you know I help people adopt a spiritual and miraculous attitude to enable them to live the life they’ve always dreamed of. Although that sounds nice in theory, many people are wary of “becoming too spiritual” for fear it will make them look flakey and possibly take them out of the loop of everyday normal existence, and even worse, bar their road to tangible success.

The place I’ve seen a fear of spirituality manifest itself most is in the work place, because it’s here where a concrete, substantive approach is key to being successful.

I’ve had business-minded people look at me with horror in their eyes at the prospect of turning to their soul to answer of all their strategic and logistical questions, saying comments like, “If I did that, they’d eat me alive.”

I readily admit that adopting a spiritual approach to business can seem a bit “out there” at first, since referring to things like “ethereal cause” is not exactly concrete stuff.
But, the times they are a changing, and many top corporations are now realizing that nurturing the soul of both their customers and employees has been an overlooked and a valuable key to BIG SUCCESS.


Because we are all spirited beings and we are meant to be living from that bountiful and unlimited perspective.

Knowing that corporate America is on the verge of a whole new reality, I searched a long time for a program that I feel is strong, centered and accessible to any business in its approach. I feel I was led to just that when I found Integrity Systems Managing Goal Achievement.

It is an astounding program, which takes the best philosophy of tried and true spiritual traditions and translates them into a modern, workable approach to success.

I feel it is a missing link to manifesting heaven here on earth, by empowering men and women within the corporate setting

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