Miracle Mastery

The E³ Transformational Triad: Miracle Mastery 

The third phase in the E³ Transformational Triad is Miracle Mastery. Now you are fully empowered to live your purpose and boldly extend your expanded vision of the miraculous into the world. You are now the Master of your Universe—creating deliberately and consciously with astonishing vision and unlimited potential. You live in realization of an important truth, that we are always teaching ourselves and others who we believe ourselves to be. And now you not only believe, but know yourself to be the embodiment of the Divine.

The Process

In this phase you have a great impulse to share and give all that is most valuable to you—only to discover that what you give you now immediately receive infinitely more of. More peace, more joy, more love. You also find that, quite miraculously, giving up attachment to results allows you to commit with greater optimism and authenticity, which amplifies your success.

 As the culmination of this transformative process, Miracle Mastery is accompanied by a sense of having arrived. By the time you reach this phase you have naturally become adept at Self-monitoring and miraculously managing your life. Due to your deep engagement with both Miracle Mindedness and Matrixing, you now absolutely recognize peace as your primary motivation. You know what “win/win” means—if it’s not to everyone’s gain and benefit, it’s not something you care to contribute to. You know all judgments are wrong. Period. Instead of obsessing about the outside world, you are compelled and driven from the inside-out. You’re completely free of what was once your greatest imprisonment: the good or bad opinions of other people.

Most importantly, what was formerly an abstract notion of a “Supreme Being” now becomes a profound certainty, a trustworthy Truth that you experience intimately within you. You tangibly connect with It every day, ultimately banishing forever all fear, including the fear of death. Now you can live life fully and completely.


The Results

As you live more authentically and entirely in the moment every day, you feel an inner sense of deep connectivity. You are not compelled to “prove yourself” any longer. You feel at home in your own skin. Less is more, and as A Course in Miracles puts it, a sense of “I need do nothing” prevails. 

Such deep calm is not inert or passive however—far from it. This sense of centeredness and balance affords you a broader, longer view of your future as well as the planet’s future and the role you and each individual has in shaping it. This expansive view stimulates your desire to serve humanity, and you become a spark, a magnet, a force for change. You feel a greater resonance with the awe-inspiring qualities of nature and a greater sense of connectivity to beauty. Expansiveness feels like home. Letting go feels like gaining more.

Now, by embracing, embodying and expanding the miraculous, your energy and effectiveness is magnified exponentially. The world will change because of you!

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