The E3 Transformational Triad: Miracle Mindedness

The First phase in the E3 Transformational Triad is Miracle Mindedness. No stone is left unturned, no challenge left unmet, as you adopt an entirely new perspective – one in which you fully embrace life. To do this you focus on your potential to recognize, honor and revere that which is unseen. You purify your perception, allowing you to see heaven, right here on earth.

In order to experience true awakening it is important that you realize there will never be a path to follow that is more effective or efficient than your very own life. There is a great difference between meandering through life unconsciously, and deliberately choosing to use your life as a vehicle of awakening. As soon as you commit to such a path, you immediately feel blessed with a powerful newfound sense of purpose. Just by showing up to your life with deliberate awareness, you will enjoy being more alert and alive and ever more embracing of what you avoided at all cost before – your feelings (most especially pain). What before felt guilt-ridden, fear promoting, burdensome and dramatic becomes not only tolerable, but intensely interesting to you.


In this premiere phase you learn how embrace and be entirely present in your life and with each and every experience you have – including the “good”, the “bad” and the “ugly.” At first such a radical shift in perception may seem a bit frightening, until you begin to realize that there is so much more going on in life than meets the eye. In fact, you begin to realize that every experience we have, no matter how unsettling, is actually a form of grace in disguise and that all it takes is a bit of surrender to your intuitive and creative imagination to see it. You will have plenty of opportunity and riveting circumstances in which to practice cultivating this perception because all of this you learn via something that is ever so much more interesting and profound to you than anything else – your very own life. Even in the most dire and challenging circumstances, you will learn how to recognize and embrace the miraculous that is happening to you and for you right now.


In this phase of Embrace you realize that as you let go of your painful limiting beliefs and perceptions you feel a sense of tangible connectedness to all things. As you can and choose to see things differently – from a wider, more purposeful perspective – you are privy to not only greater insight and wisdom on a day-to-day basis but you enjoy an ever-present feeling of being surrounded and supplied by divine energy. What before went largely unnoticed now comes to the forefront of your experience. As you choose to appreciate and rely on this afore to unrealized reality you are freed to live life more deliberately, with interest and presence. As you become more and more fascinated with observing life’s many intricacies, judgments cease, fears are banished and the tendency to blame others for your misfortunes or failures lessens. In fact misfortunes and failures become nothing more than forums for you to realize yourself as greater than you ever imagined yourself to be. You realize that life is a product of your daily choices and free will which naturally makes you feel in greater control and capable of taking greater creative risks and frees up your mind to focus on the life you’d truly love to live.

Giving up attachment to results allows you to commit with greater verve, optimism and authenticity which proves to attract, magnify and amplify success.


Miracle Matrixing
Miracle Mastery