Miracle U

The Axiom Institute Miracle U Transformational Life Coach Program offers an outstanding and unique continuum of education and training for its coaches. From the outset you will be treated as the highly intuitive and capable individual that you are. You will receive unequaled training in human development, created to awaken your recognition of your own vast and universal wisdom.

The Program

The core training is The E³ Transformational Triad Program, which is a 9 month program with participants from all over the world. It involves comprehensive supervised training including weekly teleclasses, a 5 day on-site intensive, monthly small group calls, weekly personal assignments and successfully coaching three clients. In addition to the above, all coaching candidates must be in coaching relationship themselves. Certification is life-altering and at times rigorous. It requires successful candidates to have the highest level of integrity and a solid foundation in the work of Transformation and Self Realization.

Each candidate will be certified on a number of coaching processes. By the programs end you will have completed a personal essay and passed an oral examination that proves to us, but more importantly to you, that you are ready to share what you’ve learned with a sense of confidence and enthusiasm that is deeply rooted in first-hand experience. The estimated minimum time involved in coaching training, excluding completion of weekly personal assignments, is approximately 250 hours.

Having stated that, our training university is different. This is not the “old-school” approach to learning. You won’t bogged down with hours of mind-less homework, attend boring lectures, or experience high-stress exams. But by mid-year, you will realize that you know things about spirituality, psychology, human nature and healing that many counselors, psychotherapists and psychologists who’ve graduated from well-known colleges and medical schools don’t know. You will have discovered a connection to a deeper source of wisdom and healing and you will find yourself speaking, acting and listening to people in a way that is authentic, caring and deeply healing. By graduation your power to heal will be fully realized–by yourself and others. You will have leaped out of the constraints of societal conditioning to begin to recover the universal knowledge you were born with. That is how we impart such a great deal of knowledge so quickly and effectively. We work right along side with the wisdom within you.

Entering students are not required to have a college degree nor any prior specialized knowledge in the field of transformation, just a strong interest in personal growth and development. Fundamental to our Miracle U program is the knowledge that the students who are attracted to us are typically exceptional, unique, intelligent and creative individuals. This caliber of student allows us to move our programs along at a highly engaging fast pace. We don’t believe in the conventional approach to learning in which students quite often suffer their way to the mastery of their chosen discipline. We believe there is no need to stress-out, buckle-down or endure a dull curriculum for years while paying an expensive tuition, although we are committed to your professional development.

Who attends Miracle U?

Our training is especially designed for those individuals who are interested in working in the rapidly expanding field of Transformational Healing. We look for those who resonate with doing work that they love, which constantly heightens their Self-awareness, uplifts others and serves the world.

Many of our students enroll out of self-interest, with the desire to affect their own future positively and to increase their own sense of well-being. Some desire to assist their families, friends and loved-ones in living happier lives. They quickly learn the truth of the adage, “Healer, heal thyself.” As they rapidly move into the experience of increased joy, abundance and health in their own lives they can’t wait to get out into the world and share their realizations.

Others come to us with years of experience in other healing modalities such as massage therapists, yoga instructors, social workers, intuitive healers, registered nurses, nutritionist, even doctors and trained psychologists. They are seeking to integrate our teaching into their existing practices. Some are brand new to the field of healing but feel a deep inner calling to do “something more” for themselves and others. We also encourage full-time moms and dads to explore the work as a perfect compliment to their lives–empowering them to raise their children with compassion, love and in a miraculously oriented, healthy and balanced way. These Miracle U students soon realize they are profoundly influential, well-positioned, mainstream contributors to an enlightened society–beginning with their homes, communities and schools.

Still other students are adults seeking to transition to a new career. They desire to find their life’s calling and live it now. They are either choosing to move away from jobs in the corporate world, law, retail, teaching, acting, computer programming, etc. or they choose to bring the principles they learn at Miracle U to those traditional fields.

Whatever your motivation for joining this program we welcome you with great enthusiasm and we encourage you to use this training in the way you feel it works best for you. Welcome to Miracle U.

All Certified Transformational Life Coaches must maintain their certification through continuing education and coaching relationships.

Transformational Life Coaches certified in Miracle Mindedness, Miracle Matrixing and Miracle Mastery are eligible to post their names on the Axiom website. Provisional Transformational Life Coaches will be listed under a separate heading.

Certified Transformational Life Coach

Has successfully completed the Axiom–Three fold E³ Transformational Triad Training Program (of Miracle Mindedness, Miracle Matrixing and Miracle Mastery) and the Practicum Programs or equivalent.

Provisional Transformational Life Coach

Has successfully completed the Transformational Triad Training and is in the process of completing the Practicum Program.

Certified Miracle Mastery Leader

A certified Transformational Life Coach who has completed The Miracle Mastery level of Training which further develops advanced facilitator listening and coaching skills via an additional 9 month tele-class training program involving a minimum of 150 hours of additional training and two 16 week coaching relationships. Certified Master Coaches are certified by the Axiom Institute to lead The C.O.U.R.S.E. and Goal of the Soul workshops and facilitate Miracle Mindedness, Miracle Matrixing and Miracle Mastery groups in varied settings such as corporations, schools, prisons, hospitals and retreat centers.

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