Miracle Journeys Presents Soul-Full Eating Around the World

The Ultimate Healing Retreat
Soul-Full Eating Excursion to Brazil
with Maureen Whitehouse, to John of God.

new upcoming dates TBA
$2,795.00 (airfare not included)

BrazilImagine an entirely different way of traveling—one that is highly revitalizing, energizing, healing and Soul-Full. A sacred journey, with an itinerary not only tailored to suit your own individual requirements, but with space and flexibility woven in to allow for the miraculous.

Many people have been astounded by Maureen’s approach to nutrition and eating. Now, there’s a chance to live the principles introduced in her book, Soul-Full Eating: A (Delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness while traveling through the vibrant cities and lush countryside of the most sacred places on earth.

BrazilCome explore the country and culture of various countries world-wide as we “Eat with love what’s grown with love, prepared with love and served with love”.

For example, in Brazil, we’ll stay at rural bed-and-breakfasts where organic vegetables are grown next door and fresh bread and cheeses are made daily, swim at the base of towering waterfalls, hike along crystal plateaus, and visit one of the world’s most astounding healers, John of God. Throughout the trip, Maureen will offer her insight on the Soul-Full life, with guidance on mindfulness, meditation, nutrition and tangibly tapping the miraculous.

This transformative, two-week journey will change the way you relate to food and your world. Long after your return home, you’ll find yourself entertaining options—both on your plate and in your life—that you would have never before considered or thought possible.


“I had absolutely no expectations and it was better than any trip I could have imagined–like the Christmas you always wanted when you were a kid–miraculous. It’s hard to put it into words, there are so many emotions but the feelings I get when thinking about it are joy, peace and love.”
Eileen McAllister

“This was the most amazing experience I have ever had. Everyone and everything was taken care of–beyond the beyond!
Pat Vestal

“I came for a quiet vacation. I am leaving with more peace, love and harmony than I ever imagined–also, beautiful friendships.”
Mark Merriman

“These two weeks in Brazil have slowed me down to a pace that is allowing me to see everything with complete peace and clarity. I have never felt more healthy, more whole–but still at the same time completely energized. Life makes sense.”
Heather Mueller

“When I think about this trip (and my amazing Abadania birthday party!) so much joy fills my Soul. I feel like it is bursting through my skin. It is so incredible and beyond words the Love I feel.
Judy Hudgens

“It was like going through the looking glass, or into Never Never Land…the invisible was so tangibly full of Vibrant, Miraculous Life…and the waterfalls!!!”

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