Seeing With Soul

Blessed Are Your Eyes!
Here is an astounding look at vision that will help you to widen your perspective of life and possibility.

It’s time to take a good look at YOURSELF

  • Heal your eyesight to gain insight.
  • Open your inner “I”.
  • Overcome “tunnel vision”.
  • Learn powerful exercises to heal your sight.
  • Clear your vision by saying “Yes” to life.
  • See vision problems as a manifestation of self-restriction.
  • Tap the interconnection between body, mind and spirit.
  • Use the breath to open yourself to greater awareness.
  • Connect with the power of sensitivity and insight.
  • See your bliss and follow where it leads you.

“I began with the idea that I could have perfect eyesight and shortly after working with Maureen I realized that what I really wanted was perfect
“I” sight… through this process of unveiling I found the vision of my life.
~ Gloria Roentha, nurse practitioner

Live with increased vision while you move from the darkness of self-denial to the light of Self-Awareness

Seeing with Soul is an eye opener!

SEE Beyond All of Your Limitations..

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