Soul At Work

Realize Your Essential Greatness (in any environment)
Never settle for anything less than the career and life of your dreams!

The Soul at Work is a compelling look at finding your “Life’s Calling.”

Key topics include how to:

  • Overcome the fear of change,
  • See the invisible to accomplish the impossible,
  • Realize you are worth it all,
  • Conquer Limiting Beliefs,
  • Create the work you love!

With the tangible tools imparted in this workshop, you can begin today to live a thrilling, adventuresome life in which you continually enable yourself to set new standards for excellence and create the forum to discover and live out your life’s calling.

“Maureen unveils the possibilities available to all of us in this life. She causes her listeners to expand their minds into new levels of awareness while prompting them to embrace their own infinite potential.”
~ Marie Harrington, Power Options Inc.

Let Your Life Work for You

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