Speaking With Soul

As Deep as We Go is as High as We Can Fly…
Tap the Well Within and Move Millions with Your Words

This is the Art of Impromptu Inspiration.

  • The Real Introduction – Who are You?
  • The Mission Statement
  • Breathe Deep
  • The Art of Listening
  • Practicing Powerful Presence
  • Feeling your Audience
  • Soul Speak
  • In-spiration – the True Meaning
  • Never a Dull Moment
  • The Laugh (of the Big-Belly Buddha)
  • Creating Legacies
  • The End – Just the Beginning…

“I learned how to tap the Silent Space within me that was longing to be heard – now I speak wisely, authoritatively and freely… it’s a whole new world – one that I can easily impart to others.”
~Karen Breathner, Owner, Conscious Contact

Move Mountains with your Words and Help Create a Whole New Reality!

Igniting the Spark, Opening the Heart,
Freeing the Mind to transcend all limitations.

Bring the Speaking With Soul program to your organization