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My 16 year old daughter had been suffering from major depression for 3 years. During that time she was hospitalized twice for an eating disorder and an attempted suicide. She was under the care of a psychiatrist and a therapist and she was on a variety of antidepressants. We were at the lowest of our lows. We were losing our daughter. I was overwhelmed and needed help coping with our struggles and a family member told me about Maureen. My husband and I met with her and immediately found the peace we were searching for.

Maureen told us that not only could she help us, but she could help our daughter. We scheduled a meeting for the following Sunday, but then my daughter attempted suicide for the second time the night before. Instead of going to the psychiatric hospital, we went to Maureen. The two of them had an instant connection. I knew at once that Maureen was the answer to our prayers. She taught my daughter to find the beauty and the power within her through meditation and spiritual teachings. Within a month my daughter was off all the antidepressants and we stopped seeing the psychiatrist and therapist. Through weekly sessions with Maureen, my daughter slowly started coming back. It’s been a little over a year now and with Maureen’s guidance, she is strong, powerful, and confident in herself.

I truly believe that Maureen Whitehouse saved my daughter.

Joanne Powers

In the time that I’ve been working with Maureen my life has completely changed. My entire life is more peaceful as a result of experiencing direct connection to God on a moment-to-moment basis. All things I was hoping for or wishing for, have manifested within me and are reflected outwardly in my deepening relationships with my children, alignment with my spiritual purpose here on earth, abundance in my personal and professional life.

I encourage you in any way you can to experience Maureen’s work. You will experience the awe, and absolutely transformational light she offers just being in her presence. She has been my True teacher. I am grateful.

Robyn Vogel

Psychotherapist, Mother, Entrepreneur

You would be hard pressed to find a more inspiring speaker than Maureen Whitehouse. She has the uncanny ability to deeply connect with any audience and motivate them toward greater teamwork, connectivity and more authentic relationships.

Nola Masterson

President and CEO, Science Futures Inc.

When Maureen speaks, expect to feel energized, validated, accepted and connected.
Sandra Stein


We began speaking with Maureen when we were experiencing what we considered at the time to be the most unhappy and challenging time of our lives, due to a situation involving a family member and [heroine] addiction. We had, over the course of several years, searched for solutions through research, intervention programs and prayer. When we were encouraged to contact Maureen, I expected she would have some helpful ideas, but in the end, after investing much time and money, we would be little better off. With infinite gratitude, I am happy to say that I was very wrong!

During our struggles I had reached a point where I didn’t want to “play” anymore. I was done, physically and emotionally spent, and spent three days in bed refusing to participate in anything, in any way. I blamed everyone, including myself and God for all my troubles. With Maureen’s guidance and her recommendation of A Course in Miracles I began to learn what true vision is—a vision of peace, love, and joy!  And true vision is enduring. We are addiction free and as a family we are still on our path and our commitment to Love grows stronger with each moment.

What Maureen offers is nothing short of life-changing—a new way of thinking, a new vision. Her only requirement is wanting you to see things differently—to recognize that there must be a better way and then live that.  Maureen helped us to open the door to our hearts and let Love in.  Expect miracles!

Tim and Kathy Maynard

We can hear the same teachings over and over, but sometimes it is not until that one special soul, that miracle worker, comes into our life and delivers the message in a way that ‘hits home’ that we begin to actually understand our true nature and purpose. This is what Maureen has done for me.

I want to thank you for your beautiful presence and for working through the Divine to serve the world. I truly believe that my soul, my inner knowing, brought me here to meet you.


Production Coordinator, Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat

Maureen helps people awaken to the simple but life changing choices we all have when it comes to living a healthy and passionate life. She is a bright beacon of practical wisdom!

Dr. Darren R. Weissman

Author, The Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude

I’ve tried medication, acupuncture, I’ve read self-help books and the list goes on. While all of these things may have helped me in some small way, the huge turning point was talking with Maureen. I have been able to uncover a love so deeply intense and affectionate it can only come from above. And if that is not great enough, this love continues to grow and expand exactly how Maureen explains it. I have been able to connect with such a calm and peaceful feeling that I barely remember what depression feels like.

Maureen is an inspiration.

Judy Hudgens

Fire Fighter, Paramedic

Maureen’s capacity to see and embody the miraculous is not just her career or an occupation, it is a gift and a calling.
Mary Dalton

Corporate Trainer

Before taking this journey with Maureen I was excited. I had witnessed dramatic changes in the lives of those around me after they worked with her; changes so miraculous and enduring that they had to come from the Source. I love that no matter what seemingly insignificant and/or ‘un-fixable’ worry I brought to Maureen she welcomed it enthusiastically, allowing me to feel like I wasn’t so silly to mention it. Then, eagerly, she would rip off its mask and exposed it to the light of truth. She even knew what I wanted to talk about on days that I didn’t. She comes to every meeting, filled with passion and the Holy Spirit. For me, the lessons were so empowering, and at the same time, so familiar; like coming home.

For the most part, I thought I was following my path, but then the truth would get tangled up in the noise of the day-to-day challenges and in how I felt others perceived my performance, and I would get lost. 

Each meeting with Maureen was incredibly enlightening! Divinely inspired, she has the supreme ability to slice through the fog, and teach you how to do the same. Now my joy is even more profound because it is reinforced with awareness, and grounded in truth. 

I’m calm and confident. My purpose is clear. I can differentiate between what is coming from God and what is feeding my ego.

Joanne Curran

Maureen’s brand of miraculous spirituality is concrete. She prompts you to put every concept she imparts into practice immediately.

I was working on Self-referral, anger management and letting go of attachment to results with her when I ‘fortuitously’ got the opportunity to put it to practice in my life. A client canceled an important appointment with me at the last minute. I was mad! I saw this as a dismissal—a personal assault. Previously I would have jumped on the shuttle from Boston to New York City and gone into his office, whether he’d cancelled or not, just to tell him off. Instead, because of insight I’d gained from my work with Maureen, I opted to practice presence of mind and let it go. Had I not, I would have been in that guy’s office on the 108th floor of the World Trade Center at 8:45 AM on 9/11. Instead, I hugged my wife and newborn son extra close that day.

Terms like ‘Synchronicity’ and ‘Perfect Orchestration’ were near vacant to me before I met Maureen. Now I blatantly see what before was unseen to me—I know the miraculous exists.

Keith Stevens

Sales Manager

Maureen is an expert at transforming trouble into triumph. She offers insights that are revelatory and sage advice you can absolutely trust.

Charlie Carnes

Sales Manager

After two of our high school girls were murdered by three local boys, our town was in trauma. For the next two years Maureen came into the school and worked with our troubled students. The results were astounding. Our students became more confident, focused, genuinely happy and creative after working with Maureen.
Deb Jordan

Assistant Principal, Salem HS

Maureen’s work with our inmates was nothing short of miraculous. She helped many of them create an entirely new perception of themselves, even while behind bars. She showed them that ‘heaven lies within,’ and that, ‘If you can do it here, you can do it anywhere.’ While working with her, many of them realized the power in accepting transformation and turned their lives around.
Mary Butler

Program Coordinator, Suffolk County House of Corrections

Maureen is truly a leader among leaders. You would do well to hang onto her every word.

Amy Elisabeth Fox

Chief Executive Officer, Mobius Executive Leadership

When Maureen speaks you cannot help but listen. Her audience leaves feeling more grateful, inspired, enriched, healed, humbled and safe. She is professional, courteous, kind and a joy to work with.

Events Coordinator, The Sivananda Ashram in Paradise Island, Bahamas

Maureen approaches problems from both a spiritual or higher outlook, and from a practical starting place. She gets down to the nitty-gritty and provides the tools needed to transcend both practical problems and those originating from existential angst.

I was drowning in bitterness and resentment towards my ex-partner and some of our friends. My work life was falling apart, and I felt lost. Conventional therapy wasn’t helping and antidepressants were keeping me barely functional.

I had heard Maureen speak a few times and had been deeply affected by her presence and words. I have had enough experience with so-called spiritual teachers, guides, and therapists to know that she was in another league entirely. I was at rock bottom and knew I needed to take a chance on someone who offered a different approach.

Maureen exudes love, acceptance, authenticity and optimism. I felt this from our first meeting. I feel a connection with Maureen that I have never felt with any conventional psychotherapist, and I’ve been to several over the last 30 years. Maureen sets goals when needed, and brings structure to chaos. Maureen has helped me solve some major practical issues: extricating myself from a hostile work environment and getting a handsome severance package. Establishing a positive rapport with my ex-partner, which enabled me to negotiate a buyout for the house we co-owned and which was in dispute (this was a miracle!). Letting go of guilt around my old job and instead, focusing on what I want to do in the future.

I am an entirely different person. Manifesting miracles and joy, peace and love in my life comes entirely natural to me now.

Chris McCorkindale

Maureen is definitely a forerunner in the field of consciousness training.

Karen Plavin

Counselor, Facilitator

Life changing! Maureen addresses not only your health and well-being, but how you can liberate your life.

Dr. Gabriela Cora M.D.

Best-selling Author, Alpha Female

My life was entirely colored by feelings of fear and repressed anger because of what I saw as my father’s irrational attacks on me several years after the suicide of my mother. Feeling desperate not to follow my mother’s path, I cut off all contact with my father after many unsuccessful attempts to work things out with him. So many layers of trauma were bleeding into my life when I began to work with Maureen. In a very short time I was able to push through all of these layers so that I could see with a liberated perspective. My fears have been surrendered to Love.

Maureen’s insight into the ‘bigger picture’ of my life has been invaluable to my new-found ability to live more joyfully and with peace of heart. I now too see with miraculous perception.

Lisa Wilson

Reiki Master

I can say with utmost certainty that Maureen helped me to change my life. My life was positive in almost every way; healthy, great friends, good job, money always seems to come in—however, I never managed to obtain an ideal (or any) relationship. Within weeks of working with Maureen, I met my soul mate and oddly it seemed so easy. I am 47 years old and never had a relationship that lasted longer than a few weeks or months and those were just going through the motions at best. 

After working with Maureen for a few weeks, the right path was just in front of me, perhaps it always was, I just couldn’t see it. Since that time, my relationship is better than ever—over a year and half, I have upgraded my finances, have a dream job, the perfect family that I always wanted and am healthier than ever.

Cindy Renzi

Maureen is a passionate, eloquent and trusted advocate for our lives, our planet, right relationships between human beings and between human beings and the earth. She is the go-to girl for penetrating insights, bold leadership and partnership.
Joan Ebinsky

Physical Therapist

Maureen is an expert in excavating perfection. To witness life along with Maureen is to be instantaneously free of all unnecessary self limitations.
Therese Quinn

Founder, Women in Black

I believe Maureen is a teacher of the teachers.
Chris Berlin

Counselor to Buddhist Students & Instructor in Ministry, Harvard Divinity School