“My experience with Maureen is beyond words. I have been depressed most of my 40 years. I have been to psychologists, doctors for medication, acupuncture, I’ve read self-help books and the list goes on. While all of these things may have helped me in some small way, the huge turning point was talking with Maureen. I have been able to uncover a love so deeply intense and affectionate it can only come from above. And if that is not great enough, this love continues to grow and expand exactly how Maureen explains it. I have been able to connect with such a calm and peaceful feeling that I barely remember what depression feels like. Maureen is an inspiration.”

— Judy Hudgens, Fire Fighter/ Paramedic


“Maureen is lovely! Extremely authentic. Her words flow from the heart like a wellspring – balm for the soul…Her profound insights and engaging allegorical stories have enormously helped us and have confirmed for us that miracles do happen.”

— Louise Berthiaunce, Healing Arts Practitioner


“I’ve been looking my whole life for a teacher who could direct me, who is entirely pure of heart. I’ve found that in Maureen.”

— Catherine Johnston, Clinical Psychotherapist


“Being an actress has always had its challenges for me; dealing with rejection, lack of work and always struggling to ‘make it’.  After working with Maureen I was able to transform my negative attitudes about the business and feelings of low self-esteem related to my craft.  Within two months I was able to shift out of feeling victimized by the business and take my power back.  I have recently finished shooting a film – I booked a principal role, was in 20 scenes in the movie and had my very own trailer! Thanks Maureen!”

— Jen Safina, SAG Actress and Producer, Awaken Films


“Maureen is an expert at transforming trouble into triumph”

— Charlie Carnes, Sales Manager, Dupont


“I had been in therapy with a renowned Harvard psychologist for over ten years when I met Maureen. After one session with her, I knew I had to make a decision as to which I would continue to see for counseling. I chose Maureen, hands down. The progress I made with her in just one week so far exceeded any gain I’d ever experienced previously. I now have my own successful life coaching practice.”

— Marilyn Neari, Psychologist and Life Coach


“When Maureen speaks, expect to feel energized, validated, accepted and connected.”

— Sandra Stein, Psychotherapist


“I had no contact with my father for almost 15 years due to my anger and resentment. He used to beat up my mother in front of me when I was a child. When I grew up I never wanted to see him again – I didn’t even think I would attend his funeral when he died. Maureen helped me take my first steps toward healing this seemingly impossible relationship. Now that I have forgiven him, my life has entirely changed.”

— Joanie Kunian, Physical Therapist


“Maureen helped me to approach my life with an entirely new perspective. Today I feel present and powerful in situations where before I felt inadequate and passive.”

— Michael Truro, Teacher


“I was ‘super woman’ – having, being and doing it all – and I was miserable! Under Maureen’s guidance, I learned how to relax and let go of the controlling behaviors that I had been labeling as love. I had such resentment for my husband for not ‘taking care of me’, but I couldn’t see I’d given him no room to. Now that I’ve learned to receive, my household is peaceful again.”

— Meri Dunn, Disc Jockey


“Maureen is definitely a forerunner in the field of consciousness training.”

— Karen Plavin, Counselor and Facilitator


“Maureen’s brand of miraculous spirituality is concrete. She prompts you to put every concept she imparts into practice immediately. I was working on Self-referral, anger management and letting go of attachment to results with her when I ‘fortuitously’ got the opportunity to put it to practice in my life. A client canceled an important appointment with me at the last minute. I was mad! I saw this as a dismissal–a personal assault. Previously I would have jumped on the shuttle from Boston to New York City and gone into his office, whether he’d cancelled or not, just to tell him off. Instead, because of insight I’d gained from my work with Maureen, I opted to practice presence of mind and let it go. Had I not, I would have been in that guy’s office on the 108th floor of the World Trade Center at 8:45 AM on 9/11. Instead, I hugged my wife and newborn son extra close that day. Terms like ‘Synchronicity’ and ‘Perfect Orchestration’ were near vacant to me before I met Maureen. Now I blatantly see what before was unseen to me–I know the miraculous exists.”

— Keith Stevens, Sales Manager


“After two of our high school girls were murdered by three local boys, our town was in trauma. For the next two years Maureen came into the school and worked with our troubled students. The results were astounding. Our students became more confident, focused genuinely happy and creative after working with Maureen.”

— Deb Jordan, Assistant Principle, Salem HS


“Working with Maureen allowed me to zero in on my true purpose, and expand my personal realm of possibility.”

— Del Hannon, Lead Guitarist


“Maureen’s work with our inmates was nothing short of miraculous. She helped many of them create an entirely new perception of themselves, even while behind bars. She showed them that ‘heaven lies within,’ and that, ‘If you can do it here, you can do it anywhere.’ While working with her, many of them realized the power in accepting transformation and turned their lives around.”

— Mary Butler, Program Coordinator, Suffolk County House of Corrections


“Maureen is an expert in excavating perfection. To witness life along with Maureen is to be instantaneously free of all unnecessary self limitations.”

— Therese Quinn, Founder, Women in Black


“For many years I ‘locked horns’ with my ex-wife and as a result my relationship with my daughter suffered immensely. Since using Maureen’s programs, I have been able to communicate lovingly and effectively with both of them.”

— Carl Santangelo, Corporate Account Manager


“When Maureen speaks you cannot help but listen. Her audience leaves feeling more grateful, inspired, enriched, healed, humbled and safe. She is professional, courteous, kind and a joy to work with.”

— Omkara, Events Coordinator, The Sivananda Ashram in Paradise Island, Bahamas


“Maureen helped me to heal misperceptions I’d carried with me for my entire life. I have now shifted my thinking entirely. I feel liberated from the past. Maureen lives and breathes positivity and is an inspiration to all she comes in contact with.”

— Sheree Andrikides, Training Supervisor


“My life was entirely colored by feelings of fear and repressed anger because of what I saw as my father’s irrational attacks on me several years after the suicide of my mother. Feeling desperate not to follow my mother’s path, I cut off all contact with my father after many unsuccessful attempts to work things out with him. So many layers of trauma were bleeding into my life when I began to work with Maureen. In a very short time I was able to push through all of these layers so that I could see with a liberated perspective. My fears have been surrendered to Love.

“Maureen’s insight into the ‘bigger picture’ of my life has been invaluable to my new-found ability to live more joyfully and with peace of heart. I now too see with miraculous perception”

— Lisa Wilson, Reiki Master


“I have attended many workshops over the years, but Maureen’s are positively the most riveting!”

— Mary Rothchild, Est/Ouest Foundation


“Working with Maureen, I learned more than I’d ever thought I could possibly know. I learned how to love.”

— Patricia Lenox, Therapist


“Maureen, I have to tell you, after 30 days of your online email course, Miracle Mindedness, I am elated beyond words. The changes in me and in my life are incredible. I can’t begin to say how grateful I am to you for developing this amazing program.”

— Lynne Alison


“I am a single mother of three. Maureen enabled me to clearly realize my own amazing power, at times when I could have felt defeat.”

— Kelly Baldwin, Computer Consultant


“Maureen is an unsurpassed communications expert! She can unearth peace in any situation with her uncanny ability to hear what is unspoken in the spoken. With her support I was able to boldly face change and move across country to create the life of my dreams!“

— Ann Lo Presti, Pharmacist


“In the time that I’ve been working with Maureen, my life has completely changed. I am more peaceful as a result of experiencing direct connection to God on a moment-to-moment basis. All things I was hoping for or wishing for have manifested within me and are reflected outwardly — in my deepening relationships with my children, alignment with my spiritual purpose here on earth, abundance in my personal and professional life.”

— Robyn Vogel MA, LMHC, Psychotherapist