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  • Food: A Love Story
    30 Days of Soul-Full Eating Online Program

    Latest Release
    Could it really be possible to eat anything you want and effortlessly maintain your ideal weight?
    The answer is yes.

    Core Package $297.00
    Supremely Soul-Full Package $497.00

  • Food: A Love Story Book

    Latest Release
    Stop Counting Calories, Carbs and Pounds and Count Your Blessings Instead!

    Softcover Book $19.95 add to cart
    ebook $9.95 add to cart
    Audio Book (mp3s) $37.00 add to cart

  • Soul-Full Eating
    A (Delicious!) Path To Higher Consciousness

    Eat with love, what’s grown with love,
    prepared with love and served with love.

    Hardcover $27.00 add to cart
    eBook $19.00 add to cart

  • 30 Days to Miracle Mindedness
    Email Basic Course

    Radically shift your perception, to discover an entirely new way of living, feeling and being in the world.

    $67.00 add to cart

  • 30 Days to Miracle Matrixing
    Email Second Level Course

    Embody the miraculous and bring congruency into all areas of your life, allowing you to deepen your connection with yourself and others and manifest any goal more quickly and elegantly.

    $67.00 add to cart

  • 30 Days to Miracle Mastery
    Email Third Level Course

    After completing the first two phases of the E³ Transformational Triad Miracle e-coaching program you are ready to experience your life in a whole new way.
    You will begin to see life as PURE POTENTIAL waiting for your own unique brand of creative genius to shape it

    $67.00 add to cart

  • The E³ Transformation Triad
    Complete 90 Day E-Course Series

    Transform your life authentically and completely.

    $187.00 add to cart

  • Monthly Miracle Meetings

    A Monthly Webinar Series and Q&A Session with Maureen Whitehouse

    $97.00 Monthly add to cart

  • Soul at Work

    The Soul at Work is for those who can entertain living a miraculous life.

    Audio 4 CD Set $37.00 add to cart
    Discount on 10 or more CDs: $29.50 each
    Audio Download (mp3) $37.00 add to cart
    27 Day Email Course $67.00 add to cart
    Combo Package (cd) $87.00 add to cart
    Combo Package (mp3) $87.00 add to cart

    CD 4 is a meditation CD

  • Miracle Manifesting Audio Series

    Allow for abundance to flow in a new direction—towards you.

    Audio 2 CD Set $19.95 add to cart
    Audio Download (mp3) $19.95 add to cart

  • How to Be in Love All of the Time
    Audio Series

    A deep journey inward, to find the love of your life

    Audio 2 CD Set $19.95 add to cart
    Audio Download (mp3) $19.95 add to cart

  • The Path of the Soul
    Audio Series

    Finding the Mystic Within

    Audio 4 CD Set $37.00 add to cart
    Audio Download (mp3) $37.00 add to cart

  • Conscious Couples
    Audio Series

    Learn the True Art of Relationship

    Audio 4 CD Set $37.00 add to cart
    Audio Download (mp3) $37.00 add to cart

  • Conscious Parenting Audio Series

    Experience the World of the Miraculous with Your Child

    Audio 4 CD Set $37.00 add to cart
    Audio Download (mp3) $37.00 add to cart

  • True Beauty Teleseminar and Audio Series

    Live a Life of Unparalleled Grace and Beauty

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  • The Soul-Full Eating Retreat
    at Stillheart Video Series

    This Video Series captures Maureen Whitehouse at her best as she illuminates how to eat your way to Enlightenment.

    Video Part 1 $37.00 add to cart
    Video Part 2 $37.00 Coming Soon

  • Miracle Journeys

    Join with other miracle-minded people in the spirit of adventure.

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  • Soul-Full Eating Excursions

    Miracle Journeys Presents Soul-Full Eating Around the World

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  • Peak Vitality

    Raising the Threshold of Abundance in Our Material, Spiritual and Emotional Lives

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  • Gift Card

    Coming Soon

  • Axiom--Sacred Success Contract

    Manifesting more success and abundance in your life, so that you too can live more freely and fully, and easily afford to take part in any of Axiom’s Transformational programs you like.

    FREE add to cart