The Soul at Work

The Soul at Work

The Soul at Work is for those who can entertain living a miraculous life.

Let yourself imagine now how exciting and fulfilling that would be? Such a life is truly beyond your wildest imagination, because when you are open to your Soul, you automatically begin to live outside the box. You merge your mind with your heart and move forward with amazing power. You begin thinking, dreaming and living more expansively and the world responds to you in profound and awesome ways!

Arising out of Maureen Whitehouse’s own experiences in creating the career of her dreams, this album is an enthralling inspirational journey–from beginning to end, prompting you to fully realize and live your “Essential Greatness.”

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The Soul At Work Audio Series

Audio 4 CD Set $37.00
CD Quantity Discount Price of 10 or more: $29.50 each
Audio Series Download (mp3) $37.00

This Audio Series set is a 2 hour series, consisting of 3 lecture CDs and one masterfully imparted meditation CD. It is designed to compel you to put its empowering message immediately to work.
Recorded by Maureen with the intention to help listeners free their potential and best life, it is for those who are ready to give up a life of shame, blame and mediocrity. Listening to it you will realize that you can begin today to live a thrilling, adventuresome life in which you continually enable yourself to set new standards for excellence and create the forum to discover and live out your life’s calling.

Soul At Work 27 Day Email Course
Price: $67.00
Every morning, before getting into your routine, I will greet you with one specific thing you can do to infuse your consciousness with Self Awareness. You will walk into your day instilled with miraculous perception, compelled to live the life you’ve always dreamed of—the life you were born to live. We will map a pathway from your inner to the outer world and create a bridge between your personal priorities and daily activities.

Soal At Work 27 Day EmailCreate the Work you Love!
The Soul at Work Combination Package

Combination Package (cd) $87.00
Combination Package (mp3)

Receive both The Soul at Work Audio Series and the 27 Day Email Program as a combination package for just $87.00 (that’s a $17.00 savings)

Radically increase the richness of your life today. Get the daily motivation and success tips you need to live the life of your dreams with The Soul at Work Combination Pack.

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This program is also available as a keynote speech or workshop. Contact us for more information.