Transformational Living

Traversing the last leg of the Journey to Awaken your Mind, Open your Heart and Authentically use your Will.

Imagine finding a simple path in which you realize instantly how to embrace life, just as it is, to stop arguing with reality, to achieve serenity, joy and purpose in the midst of chaos and then to expand that Realization into all of your future experiences.  Join with other like-minded individuals, connecting at a Soul level, far beyond all façade and limiting beliefs, to determine what is holding you back from being the ONE you were born to be – now!

Using the E³ Transformational Triad™ – we will tap a whole new level of awareness. You will learn how to consciously align your mind, emotions and will, with your unique PURPOSE.

“In one transformative moment my life has completely changed!
This is the difference between being driven and being in the driver’s seat.
~ Max Kubrick, writer

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